Mobile Design 1



We start a new course!

This time we concentrate on design. Nowadays we not only have the Iphone, but also the Ipad. We will be looking at page design (rather static), sensors (tilt, GPS, touch), dynamics of apps, and make an app ourselves from WDKA-CROSSLAB templates. These templates will be modified in Xcode and we will be using Interface Builder too, but we won’t really start coding.


nearly everything:

Design guide:

Design elements:

Design discussion: (There is an interesting design discussion about the guidelines of Apple, interface real or abstract. Also the design elements which are provided by Apple, do we want to use these buttons or not?

see for example ibooks, Mancala HD, Best of French Cuisine

Fonts: (also to be check out in the interface builder, menu tab FONTS)

free ipad app Font Displayer, TypeDrawing

Interface: (interactivity and dynamics makes an enormous  difference for a designer.)

start simple: look at the interactivity of Notes

free ipad app: Moodboard, SinginFingers, Air Hockey


Examples: (some suggestions!)

and of course:

Magazines: (we will start here looking at design and doing it ourselves)

NYT Editor’s Choice, USA Today, PULP, WIRED

templates for the first lesson:




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